Soucy Front Entrance

Location: Candia, NH
Year: 2014
Created by: Spatial Construction

Challenge: The entrance to the home was poorly constructed using exposed pressure treated lumber, provided very little access especially carrying groceries or everyday items. The  deck stairs were also was steep and not built to code. The project was further made difficult given the deck was also supporting an extended roof. Also, poorly finished with minimal support provided.

Solution: Spatial presented a solution that addressed all structural and aesthetic areas of concern by the homeowner, and some additional concerns brought to the attention of the homeowner by Spatial. A Michie wall and steps were designed to support large extended steps, a granite slab was incorporated, and new fiberglass columns were installed. The result, an inviting entrance that can accommodate multiple guests, large steps and tables to place potted plants, as well as seasonal & holiday adornments. To finish off the project, the yard was contoured properly with Spatial’s precision equipment, and superb composted loam and hydroseeding provided the final curb appeal.