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Excavation and Land Clearing NH


When you’re looking for a partner to help with a challenging excavation project, Spatial can help. We have the manpower and machines to make a difficult project easy.

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Land Clearing NH

Land Clearing

Whether you’re looking for a new sport court, a barn, a deck, or a patio, Spatial Construction can help you clear wooded areas.

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Snow Removal in NH

Winter Services

EXCLUSIVE to Cote d’ Or, Butterfields, Barr Woods and Dunlop Woods residents, Spatial goes above and beyond to address your winter egress needs. Spatial has invested uniquely and wisely in equipment that competitors have not.

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A great way to increase the pleasure you find in your home (as well as its resale value) is the development of a hardscape. Spatial Construction’s experts can help you concept, design, and develop the hardscape of your dreams.

Sport Courts

Got a basketball jones or an itch to play tennis? Spatial Construction can help you build a sport court, right on your property!

Retaining Walls

New Hampshire’s jagged landscape can make getting the most out of your space a real challenge. Spatial Construction is here to help – our team has years of experience building retaining walls which can help your property drain, increase square footage, and add natural beauty.


Create your dream basement – it’s easier than you think. One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is by increasing its usable space – and a great way to do that is by finishing your basement.

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF)  Homes

Homeowners who build ICF homes enjoy the long-term benefits of lower energy bills, controlled costs, and environmental awareness. Interested in an ICF home? Spatial can help.

Septic Installation

Prevent an untimely failure of your septic system by relying on Spatial Construction. Ensure your septic system is installed to perfection by our team. We are licensed by the state of New Hampshire (Lic. #5460) to install septic systems.

Post & Beam Barns

Timber frame homes and barns  were once a lost art. Now, they are a signature approach to develop a home, barn, or garage that will withstand the test of time.

Custom Construction

Who doesn’t want to build their dream home? Regardless of what you’ve imagined for your custom construction home, Spatial Construction can help.

Deep Thaw

Deep Thaw pet safe, environmentally friendly ice melt keep your property ice-free. Exclusive to Spatial. Spatial Snow Removal services are the best way to manage your winter egress.