Pool and Patio

Spatial Construction turns ordinary backyards into destinations on par with fine resorts. Our team will look at the existing landscape and determine how a pool and patio fit into it – and the site work required to make it all work seamlessly. We will work with you to plan your pool and patio, understanding exactly how you will use the finished products. Whether you’re enjoying the fire on a crisp fall evening, hosting boisterous team dinners by the pool, gathering great friends for boat drinks by the barbecue, or just loving precious family time with the kids, the memories a pool and patio will give you will last a lifetime.

Building your own backyard oasis with your friends at Spatial Construction means you’ll be able to entertain, and your house will be the place to gather all summer long! We have years of experience looking at properties and determining where the necessities should be. We’ll help you create a vision of your perfect backyard oasis, and then we’ll execute that vision to ensure that your backyard is the one your friends want to visit.

Some of our favorite projects appear below.

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