Exterior Home Remodels

While we are best known for our high-performance custom homes, building a custom home is not an option for everyone. For those who love where they live or want to affordably transform their living space, interior and exterior home remodels can be the answer.

For many reasons, New Hampshire has recently become recognized as a desirable place to live. We have always thought it was; that is why we chose to make it our home years ago. With that recognition has come high demand, and with that demand the realization that purchasing a home is a starting point in a long journey. The home you walk into on your closing day will likely not be the same home you occupy in decades hence. Life situations and trends dictate that you will make changes. Our team is here to consult with you and help you take the steps to truly enjoy your home.

Our exterior remodels can include pool and patio additions or reimaginations, sport courts, timber frame barns, and more.

You spend a significant amount of time in your home and should maximize its beauty and utility. Trust the Spatial team to help you transform it into your dream home. Contact us to learn more!