Custom Basements

Maximizing the usable space in your home has taken on added importance in the last few years. F0r many, the basement has been the final frontier! A finished basement can solve many space and utilization challenges. It is the perfect spot to grow your home-based business or take those Zoom calls without distractions; an ideal location to have a beverage and watch the game while the kids sleep; when they get a little older, a place for the kids to enjoy fun, games, and movies; or an out-of-the-way hobby staging area.

Many homeowners see the potential in a basement and assume it is something they can do themselves. While many homeowners can eventually finish with the right skill set and tools, completing your own basement project can be extremely time-consuming and challenging. The experienced team at Spatial will help you plan and finish your basement project.

All of Spatial’s custom basements start with a moisture-proof subfloor and feature optional acoustic soundproofing, perfect lighting, and top-notch sound systems. Spatial Construction’s basement experts are here to help!

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